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How to Get your Blog Noticed - 10 clever ways to promote your blog

With the sudden shift of the world towards the field of digital platforms, writing blogs has become an important element in most businesses today. A blog generally refers to a web page that is used for writing personal or business Content in an informal manner.

Blogs are a necessary tool for promoting a business. But as important as it is to write a blog, it is even more important to make your blog reach a large number of audiences. By writing and promoting blogs, one can make themselves or their businesses distinctive and can get more exposure to their businesses’ websites.

The Internet is full of a variety of articles and blogs. One can find countless choices to read on a particular topic anytime and anywhere. In such a situation, writers have to make sure if they are putting something in writing, it should not get lost amidst the crowded platform. If there are no readers to the blog, there is no point in writing it.

Expecting your blog to generate high traffic by only focusing on writing does not seem to be a good idea, as it is never going to happen. As important as it is to write a blog, it is even more important to make your blog get noticed and reach a large number of audiences.

In blog writing, people generally follow the 80-20 rule. It states that for writing and publishing a blog, only 20% of your time should be devoted, and the rest of the time should be reserved for the promotion of the blog.

This article will work as a guide to how to make sure your blog gets noticed and generates huge traffic. Some of the clever ways to promote your blog and make it noticeable are:

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media has become one of the top mediums for connecting with people today. Sharing your blog link on social media platforms can really help in attracting more readers to your blog. A study reflects that out of all social media platforms, Facebook is the one that helps the most in generating traffic for blogs. Publish posts and stories on such platforms with a catchy caption that will make people curious and compel them to open your blog.

Make sure to add a ‘Share’ button in your blog to make your Content easily shareable on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. But there should not be excess social media buttons, sharing buttons for two to three social media platforms is enough.

Update your blog regularly

A blog writer needs to be regular in his/her posts. Regularity in posts helps in increasing the reach of the blog and the Content. The people who like your Content should not get disappointed. If a blog writer does not post regularly, he/she might lose their audience. Also, the chances of getting a regular blog popular are much high than one which is irregular. Regularity in posts also helps in improving the search engine ranking of the blog. Several researchers have different viewpoints on how often one should update their blog. Some prefer updating it once a week, while others go for twice a month, depending upon the kind of Content being shared. If the Content you are sharing is related to current events, you might need to post several blogs a week.

Follow the trend-Become the trend

The most useful way to make your blog popular is to follow the trend. Write blogs on topics that are trending or are going viral in the country or the world. People have a curiosity to know as much as possible about the topics which are in the limelight. One can find trending topics using Google Trends. Your blog might rank among the trending ones if you follow the trend and write accordingly.

Consider SEO Writing

One of the topmost requirements for a blog writer in today’s world is SEO Writing. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. SEO Writing is the process of writing Content in a way that is ranked among the top on search engines. This is done by using the relevant keywords frequently used on the Internet. There are different types of SEOs - On page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, etc. for different types of Content and niches. For using the SEO writing approach, one has to search for the keywords most commonly used for such kind of Content and incorporate them in their blog. There are lots of tools available on the web for doing everything from keyword research to competitor analysis. Therefore it is important to know which keywords are in trend and which one are needed to be included or excluded from the blog.

Keep a check on the time of publishing

As important as it is for a blog writer to write Content, the procedure after writing the blog also holds great significance. All the digital platforms which publish different types of Content have a specific algorithm based on which Content is displayed on their website. For increasing the engagement of people on your blog, much time should be selected to post the blog when the maximum number of people are active. This can be evaluated based on past records and the behaviour of the audience. A track should be maintained about the platform which is contributing the most to generating traffic for your blog.

Comment on Related Posts

To make more people and bloggers visit your blog, you also need to create your presence on blog platforms. One of the ways to do this is to comment on others’ posts. Commenting on related posts increases the chances of more people knowing about your digital presence and will ultimately increase the number of readers of your blog. Others will contribute to your blog when you also make some contributions to their blogs.

Guest Blog

Inviting guests to write on your blog is a good initiative to put variations in your blog. Having variety in your blog might help in attracting the audience as they would be getting some different content other than the regular ones. Through this, the blog writer would also have an idea about what kind of Content is being liked by people and whether he/she should make a change in their niche. You can also be a guest writer for someone else’s blog and add variety to their Content. People will recognize you more if you make your presence more often as a guest on someone’s blog. This will increase the chance of more people reading your blog and increase the engagement of your blog.

Prepare an Email list

It might seem like an old piece of advice to send an email to your blog. But a study reflects that even today, this method is not yet outdated. Even today, most readers and customers show interest in the blog link sent to them via email. For this, one needs to prepare an email list that includes the people to whom a blog is meant to be sent. If your blogs cover more than one niche, you need to prepare different email lists for different categories as per the interest of the audience.

Keep your audience engaged

People tend to respond to such Content, which lets them get involved with themselves. It entitles a sense of participation among them that they are getting involved in the blog writing process. This can be done through various tools available on the web. One such way of getting engaged with people via blogs is through creating polls. It is one of the easiest ways of remaining connected with the audience. Options to create polls are available on various websites. Such web tools should be made to the best use for promoting the blog. The blog writer should urge their readers to comment and share their suggestions and feedback so that he/she can write according to that.

Modification in Content for different platforms

Depending upon the platform on which Content is to be posted, there needs to be some modification. The audience of different platforms has different natures and tastes, which is a reason that they might have different reading preferences and habits. For example, the users of Instagram are mostly youth, while Facebook is mostly used by older generations. The same Content that young people like to see and read might be totally irrelevant for the older ones. So the Content needs to be varied for different social media platforms as per their users and their preferences.

Final Words

Despite all the points discussed above, it is important for a writer to write original Content. No one wants to read copied Content. It is the basic yet essential element for writing and getting your blog noticed. If your Content has not lost its originality, people will most likely promote and share such Content, which will ultimately help in making your blog noticed.

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