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Revolutionize Your LinkedIn Marketing Game: 10 Must-Try Post Types for Enhanced Engagement"

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

In this era of Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, small businesses have been empowered by the appropriate social media postings or engagements, giving them access to markets, customers, insights, and advertising possibilities they would not have otherwise.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network. It has over 500 million subscribers spread across 200 countries. Unlike all other social media platforms, its sole focus is on fostering professional and business contacts.

That information alone is extremely important if you are a B2B (business-to-business) organization looking for qualified prospects and connections for your product or service. Entrepreneurs may use LinkedIn to expand their audience, increase interaction, and produce more prospects. Individuals seek employment opportunities and interact with like-minded people. Linkedin comes under social media content marketing which helps you in deriving relevant traffic to your website.

But the question remains, ‘what should you post on your LinkedIn account?’ Here are 10 types of LinkedIn posts to boost your marketing opportunities and business engagement.

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Marketing

1. Share Video And Visual Content

According to research, articles or posts featuring graphics such as images or videos garner 94% more overall views. However, you may also incorporate movies, presentations, podcasts, or even documents, which LinkedIn enabled in 2019. Infographics and short videos or reels can also be used for the posts.

Documents on LinkedIn may be converted into carousel postings; for example, if you submit a sequence of graphics as a document, LinkedIn will show it as a carousel that people can side-swipe through.

2. Try Out LinkedIn Live.

A LinkedIn Live might range from a camera monologue to a webinar or live streaming from an event. Discussions or round tables with experts in the field can also be included.

Live video leads to more real audience engagements, according to 79% of marketers. Almost 82% of consumers prefer watching a brand's live video than reading a social post. On average, LinkedIn live videos earn 7X more reactions and 24X more comments than ordinary video uploads.

3. Share Your Blog Posts Or Articles As Social Media Posts.

Your blog page is generally the most popular if you have a website. The easiest and most common stage in a content repurposing plan is to share the same material on social media. Link to your website blogs on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You may also make individual posts for the important takeaways or insights from each of your articles. A carousel post, for example, might be used to bring attention to a single picture providing data or blog post conclusions. This will help you to gain website traffic. Check out how you can get your blog notice in easy steps.

4. Make Predictions

Predictions on LinkedIn don't have to be right or wrong; they're simply another opportunity to start a dialogue with the audience. It can range from something you disagree with to something your business module has discovered. You can share it with a caption containing your prediction on the subject. You may also engage your audience by asking a question.

When everyone distributes the same information others provide without contributing their views and opinions to the mix, things rapidly get monotonous. It is suggested to be different and start building your own following.

5. Share Advice And Tips About Your Domain

One of the finest LinkedIn ideas is to provide advice and tips, especially if you want to enhance interaction. These kinds of posts garner a lot of traffic. It is suggested that you limit yourself within your domain. Someone in your field, a fellow entrepreneur, or someone else is certainly seeking something comparable.

For example, it can be anything from, ‘How to become a better negotiator’ to ‘How to start your food business’. Your posta can be about pure technical knowledge related to your domain or soft skills generally needed for your connections. You can also add quotes or speeches of experts or famous personalities in that field.

6. Create Polls

Creating a poll is one of the newest methods to engage with your LinkedIn audience. To create a poll, simply post and pick the STATS symbol in the compose view.

In most cases, people like asking fascinating questions. Consequently, it's an easy approach to engage folks who don't usually comment on content. Make a poll, remember to add relevant hashtags, and connect with your audience along the way by liking and reacting to comments.

7. Customer Feedback And Reviews

As a business owner, your most significant asset is a pleased client base. Customer testimonials and reviews are excellent marketing tools for raising your brand's legitimacy and recognition. Good feedback is the best advertisement.

Your business may get an advantage over your competition and establish trust with your audience by integrating testimonials into your social media marketing strategy on a regular basis.

8. Competitions And Contest

A social media contest is a sort of online marketing in which participants are encouraged to take part in return for gifts and incentives, followers, leads, or brand exposure.

You may give your audience something tempting in exchange for their likes, comments, and shares of your work. This broadens your audience and increases interest in your company.

9. Celebrate An Achievement

It is suggested to celebrate professional achievement. Any corporation should find this assignment straightforward. When we think about achievement, we normally think of something unusual, such as exceeding objectives, making a significant sale, or completing a project milestone.

On the other hand, other minor behaviors should also be recognized. Some examples are excellent customer service, acquiring a new skill, or assisting new hires. Even modest tasks like well-executed ordinary jobs are the reason for joy.

10. Posts About Job Opportunities

Last but not least, posting about job opportunities may be the most obvious of our LinkedIn post ideas, but it is critical to remember. You may be posting a position for your firm or helping someone else. In any event, you can bet that someone in your network is seeking the job.

You may also post about internships within your company or for someone in your connections, workshops or webinars. These posts get a lot of engagement because LinkedIn is all about employment.

Social media posts may help small firms obtain access to worldwide markets, receive direct access to market research, and streamline complex business procedures. The correct social media posts may offer small businesses greater clout and open doors to possibilities previously only available to larger corporations.

LinkedIn is still the market leader in professional social networking. It's where people go to discover you professionally, and it's the ideal place online to sell yourself and your company. Use it to develop your presence and highlight your professional successes.

Incorporating these 10 LinkedIn post ideas into your social media plan can help you enhance your brand’s image and expand your overall business strategy.

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell."


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