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In 2023, how will enterprise digital transformation drive your business operations

Every era sees different ways of doing business. Going back only 50 years reveals to us the traditional methods that were the norm – sending the words through salesmen; fliers speaking about the latest scheme; TV commercials; traditional bookkeeping, etc. But today we are in the Digital Age. From looking for the products and services to researching them, placing the order, and getting the order fulfilled with an excellent after-sales service, everything gets done using digital tools. The modern world has been reshaped due to Enterprise Digital Transformation happening at a broader level.

But what exactly is Enterprise Digital Transformation? And how is it fueling the veins of a business with pace, power, and precision?

Understanding Enterprise Digital Transformation

Merely bringing in the use of the internet, computers, emails, etc., doesn't make an enterprise digitally transformed. Its roots go much deeper into the very veins of the corporate culture. The core of Enterprise Digital Transformation lies in integrating technology and transforming the thought process of all the parties involved around it. Here is what it truly means:

  1. Leveraging business through the potency of IT and Technology

  2. Reshaping the entire business model and making it work around technology:

  3. Changing the mindset of the workforce and enhancing their working conditions

  4. Creating a digital network that involves administration, workforce, distribution channels, and consumers at last.

  5. Creating digital communication channels.

  6. Creating cloud infrastructure and digital paths around it.

  7. Taking care of cyber security and digital compliances.

  8. .Bringing in business automation to eliminate redundant tasks and infusing pace into the workflow

  9. Using digital data to curate business strategies.

10. Changing marketing methods (use of social media and email marketing).

One excellent example to bring clarity is Amazon. It not only used technology to reach consumers but also reshaped the entire concept of shopping. It brought ease and innovation into the commercial world.

But why has the importance of transforming the business model grown in recent times?

The Importance of Enterprise Digital Transformation in 2023

IT spending worldwide is projected to reach a giant figure of 4.8 trillion USD. This is not because businesses must change every 2 decades to bring in innovation, but because the very ways of the world have changed. Here are a few other stats that vouch for the prominence of technology in the world:

  • 7.26 billion people have access to phones in a world that has a population of 8 billion – a whopping 90%.

  • Out of these 7.26 billion, 5.03 billion people have access to the internet.

  • The spending on digital transformation alone is projected to reach 3.6 trillion USD by 2026.

  • Given this, the global retail e-commerce sales figure is expected to reach 8.1 trillion USD by 2026.

But what does this data mean for a business?

As a business, where and how will you target your potential consumers in a world where 6 out of 10 people are spending their time on phones to surf the internet?

All these numbers are projected to grow further in the future.

Amazon, the biggest example of digital innovation, has come up to be the second-largest company in the world within 30 years using Digital Transformation.

Here is how Enterprise Digital Transformation is bringing innovation while boosting the business world in 2023:

1 - Bringing ease and pace into the commercial world

Where earlier consumers and businesses had to use the market as a medium for buying and selling, now it has been replaced by technology. This does not mean that markets have been decimated, but that the ways of transacting have changed. Now, only three things are needed for a transaction to happen: an active internet connection, a phone or a PC, an app or a website.

2 - Using digital data to curate business strategies

Data is crucial to a business. It is the food that fuels the brain of the business. Imagine you are a bus driver and we tell you about 1000 people waiting for a bus near a railway station. Won't this be useful to you as a bus driver? You could use it to earn and grow your work.

Whenever you use the internet, you leave your footprints that tell about the websites you accessed, the search you made, the time you spent, etc. This data speaks about your mindset and helps businesses to create business strategies around it. For example, if you have many baby products listed on your website and most of the visitors are ignoring a few products, it will tell you about their negative mindset around those ignored products. Consequently, you may plan your future products or change your marketing strategies. Data Science has been helping businesses in the same.

3 - Spreading the business reach through social media marketing

Marketing should be done where the crowd is. At present, 4.59 billion people (nearly 60% of the world's population) were active on social media platforms. This number is projected to reach 6 billion by 2026. Where 6 out of 10 people use the internet, there using traditional marketing methods would mean using a speaker to promote your business in a room where only 4 out of 10 people can hear.

This has invited businesses to use social media as an effective marketing platform. Imagine you could do your business through your social media page.

Using different media channels and technological tools has offered greater user engagement and strengthened the business-consumer bond.

4 - Guiding the business through stiff competition

In all the businesses that have triumphed in the world, there is one common factor – Adaptation and Innovation. No business can thrive for a longer period that doesn't know how to evolve. The commercial world has always hovered around the paths that consumers tread. Using traditional ways of doing business in a world where most people are using technology is foolish.

All companies today have a strong digital presence. These companies use digital infrastructure to enhance the work environment of their employees; apart from it, they also allow consumers a digital medium to connect with them easily.

5 - Changing different sectors and how people interact

For a business, innovating only one sector and leaving the other can lead to misalignment in the workflow. Earlier, it could have been a problem. Now, all the different sectors in the world have started to bring in innovation and change how people used to interact with them and each other. The logistic sector has gotten pace due to real-time tracking, updating, optimizing routes, and planning future deliveries accordingly. The communication sector is enhanced due to business communication using different communication tools. This has also helped in ensuring that communication happens fast and effectively. The marketing sector has boomed due to social media platforms. This holistic transformation has now helped businesses to reshape themselves completely.

The Bottom Line

Today, a mega-digital revolution is unfolding before our eyes. The world is adapting digital ways to live their lives. Everything from the retail sector to transportation, media, logistics and supply chain, banking, medical, and government sectors is adapting to the new business culture. Netflix is a great example of how this can transform a company. HP's failure due to poor implementation is another example of how the transformation should be done with proper planning.

As a business looking to bring in digital transformation, you must ensure that the transition is done smoothly without disrupting the traditional workflow. A bad implementation can make your business stumble and allow your competitors to take a lead in the time being. Hiring Enterprise Digital Transformation experts is one effective solution you can opt for. The goal of this transformation is not just to transform your own business but also the customer experience. This will put you in the lead and make you an authority in the field.

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